Rock A Field 2012 – tickets disponibles

at Herchesfeld-RoeserSat. 23rd & Sun. 24th Jun. 2012

DOORS: 11:00am
PROMOTER: den Atelier /

Hey ladies and gents,

The excitement meter is pegged with Rock-A-Field Weekend on June 23rd and 24th being just a few weeks away! In the meantime, we’re finalizing some special site setups and features… You’ll be surprised! More info soon.

, we’re rolling slightly faster currently for Saturday than for Sunday. But obviously nothing will be able to beat the 2-day RAF-experience including camping!

Saturday tickets, Sunday tickets, as well as 2-day passes and camping tickets are available on A piece of advice between friends… Don’t wait to long to make up your minds, please, as demand from across the Grand Duchy’s borders is increasing… They’ve got wind of what’s really going on in Roeser! ;-)

Tickets will be e-mailed to you and you will exchange them against a shiny cotton wristband at the festival gates upon arrival.

The camping tickets are nearly sold out! They will be very soon at least, so if you plan to have a cosy night out in the green with us, do grab some alongside your 2-day passes, please.

Spoilt for choice and you don’t know yet who’s playing when?

Well, check that out here:

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